J-O-B with the Partner


I ‘m very Very VERY angRY at her
why You not Serve the customer
ONLY mee„ANd three stepchildren From the V shop

i think maybe you must be care about the other
coz You’re attitude  very  annoying 
I’m not KIDDING!!


Dear My classmates ^^

I didn’t expect if you still remember mee
i want to say hi at you
but i affraid you ignore mee

You the best friend~~
before„i dont think so  
that you very care about mee

but i’m still afraid about my  attitude at class
sorriee,my friendd~~~ 

keep KINdness for Yourself :D

It turns out„
keep kindness at myself is very important for some people
 example for somebody need help from mee

ANd if you be able
Please Help them~~
We don’t know about the future life
maybe„they’re will be help us at the future

ReMeMber THIS!! 

regards for the customer ~~

How be longer You at my SHOP??
Just TRYing But no BUY :c
NO Once„
over and over again you’re trying in the diferent pattern 
BUT,nothing has changed :(

You Know about You Atitude??
If you like this for day by day „
Maybe ,You’re friend will be Hurry up to Run

'Coz not patient at you atitude 
VERY PiTIful !!

So,Please C-A-R-E about you’re ATITIUDE„Ok?? :) 

HuuuHhhh :(

wooo„last year and this year very dramatic life„,
I hated about that
Friend only use me for (Bla bla bla) 
I think i’m very stupid
but not at all like They’re the BIG STUPID L.I.A.R

I hope the next year I wana be somebody diligently
not Stupid or anything —

and I want to improve They’re if mee not in the past
You knOW??